Whats the difference between aries and sagittarius and sagittarius and aries?

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Im sorta intreseted in astrology. i check out sites almost every day. Im and aries, and i got a mad crush on a sagittarius. Websites sometimes say, aries and sagittarius:blah blah blah. sagittarius and aries:blah blah blah.
Are they better than Leo 2?

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3 thoughts on “Whats the difference between aries and sagittarius and sagittarius and aries?

  1. The differences that I know of are how they live life of course. They’re both fire signs so they’re both impulsive thinkers. They go best with air signs. They live for the future. They love new concepts. Of the fire signs, the Aries is the real leader of them. Aries is the most forceful and the most unique sign of the zodiac. They get their ideas out there and only their ideas matter to them. Don’t care too much about other people’s feelings. It’s the ram, so Aries will come butt its head into things to make things happen the way they want. Sagittarius is the horse with the human brain pretty much or the human with the horse body. Either way you wanna look at it. Therefore, the average Sagittarius should have thick legs and butts, making the women pretty curvy in this sign such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Sagittarius is a very artsy sign so Spears and Aguilera being singers and dancers isn’t a surprise. On VH1’s For The Love Of Ray J, there was a Sagittarius on there named Danger, and she was a painter. Sagittarius women generally aren’t good dancers unless it’s what they do such as Spears and Aguilera. Sagittarius women also have a very unique appearance and can be some of the sexiest women in the zodiac. They can really look like dolls. I personally love a Sagittarius woman. They’re exciting, innocent, confident. Whereas the Aries is the powerful leader, the Sagittarius is the whimsical explorer. They go with the flow. I mean, they’re half horse, so they’re going to want to roam free. They huge fans of travel. They need action otherwise they get very bored and frustrated. My ex was like this. They always have something going on. You’ll always see them on the phone. They’ll have their share of drama but not because of them. They aren’t mean people at all and have gigantic hearts. But they have to put their two cents in and drama just comes with the territory. So the main difference in these two is basically Aries likes to have complete control whereas Sagittarius goes with the flow. Quite the opposite. Are they better than Leo? I don’t think so. They’re about the same. They just have different styles. Aries is the leader, Leo is the worker, and Sagittarius is the player. I would have to say that I do favor Aries and Sagittarius over Leo most of the time. But they all have their own strengths. I’d rather date a Sagittarius, but if you want to get some work done, better go with the Leo.

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