What does it mean when a scorpio tells a girl hat they make them nervous?

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Happy1 asked:

Is this a good thing or a bad thing, what really makes a scorpio nervous when it comes to the opposite sex and if so what is going on within the scorpio man? Just trying to figure out this guy. I want to know all there is about a scorpio man and how he acts when he has a crush.

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3 thoughts on “What does it mean when a scorpio tells a girl hat they make them nervous?

  1. I’m not sure. Maybe he wanted to read your reaction to it or he was being honest and you really do make him feel nervous.

    Im guessing he thinks you got some good stuff!! lol

    joking. But yeah, hope yall get somethin goin.

    When I used to get uncontrollably nervous, it meant that I was anxieted and scared, which made me feel vulnerable or defenseless. Which explained why I was nervous.

    If he looks like hes acting somewhat unnatural like hes making an effort to really look natural…..then thats good. If he was too rico suave when he said it to you then he may still be feelin you but was being suggestive and indirectly letting you know that hes feelin you.

    either way it goes. he finds you attractive. :-)

  2. It is a very good sign. His heart probably flutters when you are near. Often Scorpios can spot future lovers before anything happens. He wants you. nanana.

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