Love predictions for an Aries 2009 – 2010?

Any predictions for an Aries 2009 – 2010 with Love,Life,etc.
Well a lot of those things don’t even describe me. I’m definitly not a leader. I like explaining things to others and such but some of those don’t fit my personality.

love predictions unhappy lovers

I Say Tila will pick kristy. Because you know she wants to make people think she is actually bi. But kristy will deny Tula and say she doesn’t think she is ready for her first girl-girl relationship. This will coincidentaly (sp?) lead to a 3rd season of a shot at love because you know Tila has to make money some how. What are your predictions??

Sad Sagittarius, no luck in love. Predictions? Help?

Okay so I just can’t seem to find that right person. I’m the poster child for what every one says a Sag should be. Born November 26th 1982 in the am. Any predictions for me? What side is going to be the most compatible with me? My last three major relationships were a Taurus (6 years), Cancer (2 years), and currently having issues with a Leo who obviously doesn’t know what he wants. Am I attracting the wrong signs?