How do you find marriage info in birth chart?

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Keyra Angelina asked:

How or where in a birth chart reading do you find the information about marriage… I have seen other readings here and was curious where I can get that information?

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2 thoughts on “How do you find marriage info in birth chart?

  1. the 7th house rules marriage generally. beleive me i know, I have moon in frickin libra in the 7th, I married young and even though I have aries rising fighting this, at heart I HAVE to have passionate love, I also have pluto in scorpio in the 7th. blast! @_@ but if you are looking to see if another PERSON is compatible, you have to get their personal info and do their chart and compare. just get a book to interpret synastry aspects. mars and venus will show sexual attraction, sun and saturn will show long term relationships, sun and pluto is fated love and jupiter and venus trines are the most favorable for marriage being lucky and happy (jupiter=luck, venus=love) so there’s 360 degrees in a natal chart. all you have to do is count how many degrees away your planets are away from theirs. it’s actually really easy. venus and what house it’s in can also indicate marriage in terms of love and all, but 7th house placement just means it’s something very integral in that person’s life. So someone may not have anything in the 7th and be married, but maybe it’s just not something they dwell upon, or maybe they have no lessons to learn from marriage at this point. *_*

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