12 thoughts on “Who can give me a free love prediction and a psychic reading?

  1. You enjoy straight sex, but sometimes forget to practice birth control and fear you’ll become pregnant while secretly hoping you do because you crave love and know that your baby will love you unconditionally.

  2. I am a Tarot Card Reader.
    I do free readings via email.

    My email is

    When you email me choose a number between 1 and 78.
    There are 78 cards in a Tarot Deck.

    I will then count the cards until I reach the card that corresponds with the number you have chosen. I will read that card for you and give you the information.


  3. i just lost the love of my life, we did get married. but, her parents didnt accept it well. and then she changd her mind and left. we were havibg a long distance relation. according to what i know, she will get married on the 15th of this month. will i get the love of my life back? i know, deep in her heart she still loves me…

  4. Will my ex return to me? Everything started going great was about a week away from buying her the ring and she suddenly left me for another guy? I love this girl with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with her.

  5. Will my ex return to me? I feel we are twin flame soulmates. He left me once before and did return. He has come back twice this past year but we didnt connect. Please let me know. Thanks,Bari. Number 23.

  6. my coligue proposed me thn aftr 2 month he left me witout telling any reason ,now he does nt look at me,i want him to com back to me,i want to mery him,my my question is,, ,wil he b back to my life again,can i get married to him,his name is ,,mahmud,,born 04 nov 1974,in lahore pakistan,,im,,,,saima,i born 18 nov,1975,in lahore pakistan ,plz reply my question,i m v upset ,

  7. I currently have an ex who I adore, but who has some real problems with commitment, another girl who seems really into me, but is 4,000 KM away in a different state, who I really like. I was wondering if either of them were likely to be long term partners, soul mates for want of another term, or I am going to meet someone else? Also, how long am I going to have to wait to meet “the one”

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