Walter Mercado horoscope 2018: bring to light unexpected new horizons

At last the long awaited 2018 Horoscope! The text of the advance of the Walter Mercado horoscope and predictions for 2018.

The predictions of the astrologer and seer as one of the most powerful of the world due to its accurate visions.



Walter Mercado Horoscope 2018


As every year, followed closely the predictions of Walter Mercado, who are an indispensable guide for every query that we are dedicated to astrology and horoscopes for all cultures of the world.

Walter Mercado is a indisputable eminence to which we all have great admiration and appreciation.

Millions of people around the world continue to psychic and astrologer Walter Mercado, who has over 30 years lighting up with his advice and predictions.

Here then begins the advance of the horoscope of Walter Mercado and predictions for 2018 , please read it carefully!



ARIES 2018

Start businesses. Lanzarte a new love affair or professional.



Realize dreams. Completing projects. Enjoy pleasures.


GEMINI 2018 

Communicate truths. Write messages of love.


CANCER 2018 

Spiritual cleansing of your aura and your environment.


LEO 2018 

Glow in the professional front. Reign in the party.


VIRGO 2018

Emphasize the intellectual or artistic.


LIBRA 2018 

Great attraction and sympathy. Great for meetings, embellish or decorate your home and office.



No practice surgeries. Controlling temper. What is sexual-erotic exalts.



Great for travel and sports. Change and reinvent your life.



Caution and care in handling the economy. I do not trust much to offer. Controlling the pessimism and negativity.



Freedom and space to create, invent. Committed follies of love.


PISCES 2018 

Trust your intuition. Vence sadness. Freedom of what should not.


About Walter Mercado

walter-mercadoWalter Mercado is a famous psychic and astrologer who has over 25 years illuminating and guiding the crowds with amazing advice and predictions.

You can read the daily Walter Mercado horoscope in you oficial site, here.

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  1. Your revelations have surprised me… I have often been consulted, even recently, by people who exercise your profession, but none of them had so much insight into the problems with which I am confronted. Thank you Walter Mercado!!!!!!

  2. How can i get the magazine of Walter Mercado of this year if he has any please let me know. I miss seeing him on t.v he is awesome. Dora

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