Taurus Horoscope 2018: profile, relationships and prophecies!

If you are researching the best and more complete Taurus Horoscope 2018 for Love, find below the predictions, the profile and astrological compatibility.

Taurus likes the sensual world for its own benefit (compare Virgo which has to take action with it).

Down to globe, pragmatic, will stubbornly pursue a task to completion without deviation once it has the impetus get started (which might take a while).



Taurus Horoscope 2018

April 21 – May 20



Taurus Profile

Gender: Female

Sign type: Earth

Number of the zodiac: 2

Ruled by: Venus

Day of the week: Friday

Colours: pastels and blues

Gemstones: emeralds, alabaster, topaz, coral

Metal: bronze

Flowers and plants: lilies, daisies, myrtle

Tarot cards: High Priest

Animals: bull or cow


Taurus Horoscope Keywords

Taureans can be unquestionably generous of their own time, love and are usually incredibly patient in whatever they undertake.

Normally they will complete their tasks jobs or projects, no matter how long it will take.

passionate, sensual and attentive they can be very sensitive to the feelings of others.

Usually you will find that they are also great cooks and revel in entertaining!

Have artistic leanings and can be depended after in the course of the years either in friendship or love.

They are really highly tactile lovers who love to be touched. Could work for extended hours to accomplish their goals.


Taurus in Love

Taurus individuals are an interesting blend: emotionally self-sufficient when independently, but very with the capacity of serious relationships.

Their seek out stability and solidity typically make them excellent partners in a relationship.

They are typically loyal and worthy of trust.

Sometimes their dependence on stability makes Taureans overly possessive or controlling,  especially if they can be partnered with a free-spirited person, or a person who ideals stability and security less than they do.


Taurus Compatibility

Being a Taurus your ideal mate will be happy to indulge your big sensual and sexual hunger.

Your habit of attracting lovers with peculiar ideas and life paths which appear for you unnecessarily complicated is frustrating I understand, but whoever said relationships were clear-cut?


Love Predictions for Taurus in 2018

For many Taurus, 2018 provides an increased give attention to relationships. This year will not be so much about making new relationships as it is about strengthening existing bonds.

Informal relationships can be much more serious in 2018, friendships will deepen and so will romantic relationships.

Taurus star indication people are fiercely loyal by nature and are deeply specialized in their relationships and it is these features that will effect your romantic decisions in 2018. If you’re currently single, there could be new relationship coming.

Taurus love forecasts for 2018 predict that you may find that you like your own company this season and that could lead to each year of serene self-discovery.

If you are presently in a romance, it’ll likely deepen this year ahead, and a fresh understanding and degree of mental intimacy will be come to.


You are a Taurus?

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