Sagittarius Horoscope 2018: personality, compatibility, predictions and Secrets!

In case you are browsing the very best and more complete Sagittarius Horoscope 2018 for Love, find listed here the predictions, the profile and zodiac compatibility.

Sagittarius strives for what is beyond daily human experience, whether it travel to distant lands, broadening knowledge by education or by exploring the spiritual dimension of life.



Sagittarius Horoscope  2018

November 23 – December 21


Sagittarius Profile

Gender: Male

Grace: Fire

Sign type: Mutable

Number of the zodiac: 9

Ruled by: Jupiter

Day of the week: Thursday

Colours: royal blue, blues of all kinds, white, purple and yellow

Gemstones: lapis lazuli, turquoise, sapphire and diamonds

Metal: Tin

Flowers and plants: fig, oak, hyssop, mallow and agrimony

Tarot cards: Temperance

Animals: The centaur (half man – half horse)


Sagittarius Horoscope Keywords

sagittariushoroscope2018keywordsGenerous, straightforward, honest, positive, fair-minded, happy-go-lucky, rousing, spiritual, does not hold grudges, loves freedom and travel, has wonderful flashes of inspiration or intuition.

Loves pleasure and romance, sensual, enthusiastic, inspirational to others, sees the picture as a whole of life, sensible, adjustable,

Athletic, high vitality, friendly, funny, vital, gracious and an ability to distributed contagious enthusiasm.


Sagittarius in Love

Extremely giving and honest, Sagittarians seek partners who they can trust implicitly.

They seek soulmates with whom they can travel, explore new ideas and laugh.

To Sagittarius, laughter is the root of most things. No problem or situation is too serious for laughter, and through laughter one can complete anything.

Sagittarians are very passionate, but often seek a light-hearted marriage for long periods before uncovering their deeper, soulful side.


Sagittarius Compatibility

Like a Sagittarius your ideal partner won’t mind by any means if you say “goodbye darling, I’m off exploring the Himalayas for each year, stay at home and look following the family”.

The truth is you might have to become more subtle than that!

Being true to yourself includes care for someone you truly love.

Below are different possible pairing of Sagittarius Sign


Love predictions for Sagittarius in 2018

Your romantic relationships have been through a lot within the last two years Sagittarius and things will start nighttime out in 2018.

If your relationship has managed to get through, then it’ll only get better from here.

The 2018 Sagittarius love predictions foretell that you’ll feel more connected than ever before for having survived these challenges.

In case your relationship did not survive, you might feel just a little gun-shy in 2018, but real love may be right nearby, you just have to be open to the options.


You are a Sagittarius?

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