Mayan Horoscope 2018: signs, personality and compatibility

If you wish to know your predictions for this year  in the Mayan Horoscope 2018 and knowledge that the stars keep according to teaches the distant American civilizations to us, you do not stop to watch this brilliant document with the auguries sign after sign.



Mayan Horoscope 2018


If you wish to know the affinity with your average orange not you lose the predictions of Mayan Horoscope 2018 !

The traditional Mayan civilization is one of darkest of whatever has lived on the Earth. Between its numerous knowledge, they honour the astronomical mathematicians and that they allowed them to develop horoscope own. In fact, its solar almanac is much more precise that the Gregorian.

Horoscope Mayan is made up of thirteen signs instead of the twelve signs of horoscope western.

Each one of the signs of horoscope Mayan represents animals of its ecosystem, leaning in it, not only described the personality, but also they made very accurate predictions.

You will be able to know in horoscope Mayan the meaning each animal, as well as predictions for the man and the woman, similarity of pair, love, work and money, for year 2018 .


Signs of Mayan Horoscope 2018



Mayan Horoscope Sign: TZOOTZ – BAT:

Been born of the 26 of July to the 22 of August

In the love the bat happens through different stages: he is protective, guardian of the home, and good head of family. Sometimes the woman bat for of father and mother simultaneously. But also the bats need moments solitude and to preserve her independence for that reason the person who is to her side must be equal to him, have own life and other friendships with which to be related. She needs to admire the person whom she has alongside and to feel that she is worthy of his love, must shine with own light but without opaque at no moment the light of the bat.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: DZEC – SCORPION:

Been born of the 23 of August to 19 of September

In the love, it prefers to demonstrate affection through the facts that with words. Perhaps it is not saying every five minutes I want to you, his way to demonstrate it is being with you at the moments at which you need it. In general they are loyal. They practice the fidelity and they demand the same of its pair. One says that the scorpion has the “gift of the memory”, they remember all good and the bad one that you have done to him. Good you it will give back it fully, but the bad thing, sooner or later also you will make it pay. A scorpion never will forget an infidelity, and it will be difficult to him to surpass it.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: KEH – DEER:

Been born of the 20 of September to 17 of October

In the love, the deer is a romantic one by nature. Delay to live a history colour on rose, like in the old films with happy end, and once they fall in love hardly will forget the person who them robbery the heart. Thus they are the deer; to try to change them will be a useless task…


Mayan Horoscope Sign: MOAN – OWL:

Been born of the 18 of October to 14 of November

A romantic one is hardened, and the love will give some blows him until finally it finds a person who corresponds to him and she loves it as truly she is deserved. Lechuzas is very in loving, and they fall in love until with the air that breathes, for that reason not always choose of guessed right way its companions. In general usually it has several marriages until of great and mature it already finds the person who truly corresponds to him.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: KUTZ – PEACOCK:

Been born of the 15 of November to 12 of December

If a Peacock has chosen to you of friend, truly you are a special person; in general, its friends are as delirious as he. In the pair, they need to be loved and to be admired by the person whom they have alongside.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: KIBRAY – LIZARD:

Been born of the 13 of December to 9 of January

They almost always prefer to happen inadvertent and not to make much “noise”, they prefer the simple people and shut up, like him, who does not put it in evidence nor presses to him.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: BATZ KIMIL – MONKEY:

Been born of the 10 of January to 6 of February

In the pair the monkeys are not as good as in the friendship. They wanted to be faithful and to give themselves to a single person, but…. in this sense it is enough inconstant, she jumps of branch in branch and love in love. In order to maintain to a monkey always to your side you must surprise it constantly, to be creative in the pair and mainly to keep some mystery. The curiosity kills the monkey, and as this it likes the challenges while it feels that there is something to discover will be to your side.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: KICK – HAWK:

Been born of the 7 of February to 6 of March

The hawk falls in love once and for all the life; its first great love will be left engraving by always in its heart. A second or third marriage can try, but at heart a part of him will remain kept, without giving itself completely.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: BALAM – JAGUAR:

Been born of the 7 of March to 3 of April

In the love, if a person born in this sign has put the eye on you dates by won, it will unfold each one of his tricks and ruses and you will fall tired on his feet. You will ask yourself since it did for seducers if never you had paid attention to a person like him and nevertheless there these loving it, needing it, and hoping anxiously that it calls to you. The jaguar is an exceptional lover knows the secrets sex, each corner of the human body. They are masterful in the art to move under savannahs and this is one of its great abilities, and he knows it.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: FEX – FOX:

Been born of the 4 of April to 1 of May

They are protective, its way to love is carefully, attendant and to have all type of attentions for agasajarte. It will never forget an anniversary or date birthday. They are pacific, the foxes rare time they get angry, they prefer to go away to walk, to take air and to clear its mind before going away with evil intention with somebody. But taken care of if you do escape its limit it can begin to show the teeth. Although their angers do not last for a long time and immediately they return to put its better face, and player affectionate. Thus it is the fox, moments like a boy, and by others a Ogro. It will surprise to you to see that strong being that as much it protects to you can be touched with as much facility when seeing a love film.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: KAN – SERPENT:

Been born of the 2 of May to 29 of May

So safe of themselves in his life and its profession, in the love he is all the opposite, need caresses and affection. The love is the air that allows knowing him that they are alive, would change all its money, fame and power only by love. Romantic they are hardened. When the serpent falls in love begins to surround to its pair and without wanting it ends up it asphyxiating it. Thus they are the serpents, when they love do it including friends, neighbours, relatives and work. Much tact is due to have if a serpent feels wounded will attack of the way most unexpected, able to kill and to die by love.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: TZUB – SQUIRREL:

Been born of the 30 of May to 26 of June

In the love they are magnetic, attract people like a magnet. But if they are dazzled with a person and they fall tired on its feet. They enchant the small attentions to him, knows to appreciate a love gesture as if its pair appears with a wild daisy branch, simple chocolaty, or a poem of love written with misspelling. Nothing this to her will concern, take the gesture to him from love and it will add light to him of colours to adorn the rest. Thus they are the squirrels, romantic, coquettes and dreamers.


Mayan Horoscope Sign: AAK – TURTLE:

Been born of the 27 of June to 25 of July

To count on a friend turtle, is to remove the lottery. In the love they are quite timid, if hope that a boy of this sign declares itself to you is impossible in real time. Advice: decelerate your first your feelings by him.


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  1. I am searching for an accurate calculation of my Mayan sign. Some websites place me as sun while others place me as eagle. I’m trying to figure out which is the correct one. Anyone know an accurate place to figure this type of thing out?

    Long Count:
    Tzolk’in: 3 Ahaw
    Haab: 8 Mol

    Is what one page said… it’s really confusing..

  2. Can anyone interpret thsi Aztec/Mayan horoscope for me?

    My friend left it on my coffee table for me without explaining it? I can’t reach her and I was curious.

    Emily j****
    born August 28, 1979
    DAY-SIGN: 3-Monkey
    (Maya: 3-Chuen)
    YEAR: South-7 (Tikal System)
    13-DAY PERIOD: 1-Water
    (Maya: 1-Muluc)
    VENUS PHASE: Superior Conjunction

  3. i have applied for masters in the united states through a family friend, but after a while i have not had any information via my family friend for a while, i was expecting the admission to be in august/september but he didnt give any information untill last month when his mother said that the registration has been postponed to november/december due to one of the credentials that did not reach in time. since then nither his mother nor he has been picking my calls. when i contacted the university yesterday they told me that a number of my credentials have not reached them. i dont know what will happen. please i need to know if i will get this admission and be able to go to the united states before the end of this year.

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