Libra Horoscope 2018: profile, relationships and prophecies!

In case you are browsing the right and more detailed Libra Horoscope 2018  for Love, find listed here the predictions, the profile and astrological compatibility.

Libra, symbolised by a set of scales, has an excellent of serenity, balance and harmony in every life. A pity reality rarely matches this well suited for long.

The desire to have romantic relationship is strong, but like all air signals Libra has a problem with the emotional complexities therein.


Libra Horoscope 2018

September 24 – October 23


Libra Profile

Gender: Male

Grace: Cardinal

Sign type: Air

Number of the zodiac: 7

Ruler by: Venus

Day of the week: Friday

Colours: purple, pink, green, turquoise and blue

Gemstones: emerald, jade opals, diamonds

Metal: copper

Flowers and plants:Violets, vines, rose, myrtle, Pansy, primrose, peppermint

Tarot cards: those relating to justice

Animals: associated with elephants


Libra Horoscope Keywords

Balanced, artistic, fair, beautiful, charming, sociable, idealistic, refined, easygoing, romantic.

Diplomatic, graceful, peaceful, idealistic, hospitable.

Superficial, vain, indecisive, unreliable.


Libra in Love

In all things, Libra is balanced, and this includes relationships. Libra’s seek equality in their lovers. They desire balanced and steady romantic relationship which is free of strife, turmoil and emotional flare-ups.

Libras seek to be treasured above all other activities, as the solitary lifestyle works counter to the fundamental Libra concept of “balance”.

Libra’s ability to understand human mother nature and human being motivations also makes them adept at understanding their partner`s needs and desires.

Ironically, Libras frequently have a lot better knowledge of others than themselves, and can often be baffled by their own thoughts and feelings.


Libra Compatibility

As a Libra your ideal partner is attractive and full of ideas, and wants to be near you without clinging.

You may attract companions more assertive than you are, which may please you (it saves you having to constitute your own mind about something) provided you can view it as balancing your own more diplomatic character.


Love predictions for Libra in 2018

If you are single, the 2018  love horoscope for Libra predictions that it’ll be a good time to meet that special someone. You will always be good at associations and 2018  won’t be any different.

You are good at choosing the flow and adapting as you need to, this skill will be pivotal this year for building new relationships and bringing existing ones to a fresh level.

Your creative character will only increase the love with your lover.


You are a Libra?

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