Leo Horoscope 2018: profile, personality and love predictions!

In case you are looking the very best and more detailed Leo Horoscope 2018 for Love, find listed here the predictions, the profile and zodiac compatibility.

Leo radiates friendliness, light and goodwill like the Sun which rules it, and likes it if you notice it doing this!

Leo at its best is assured and decisive, comes with an overall point of view on life and can bring out the best in others.



Leo Horoscope 2018

July 23 – August 22


Leo Profile

Gender: Male

Grace: Fire

Sign type: Fixed

Number of the zodiac: 5

Ruler by: Sun

Day of the week: Sunday

Colours: Yellow, orange, gold

Gemstones: cat’s eye, crystal or diamonds

Metal: Gold

Flowers and plants: sunflowers, daffodil, yellow lily, yellow lily, juniper, citrus fruits and palm trees

Tarot Cards: The Strength

Animals: Lion


Leo Traits Horoscope Keywords

Independent, honest, dedicated, friendly, good, courageous, warm, affectionate.

Artistic, inspirational, motivationally willing, see the lighter aspect of life, fearless, willing to face adversity.

Can work very hard, requires delight in themselves and family, focused, protective, expressive.

Active, great organizational skills, secure, sincere and has a gleaming personality.


Leo in Love

Leos are romantics. Using their great personal power, emotional charm and religious understanding — Leos make excellent lovers, associates and lifelong mates.

Leos should be cautious however never to leap too much, or take action without pondering. Powerful thoughts have business lead many Leos to follow their hearts alternatively than their minds.

Leos must also remember not to let their personal pleasure hinder their potential to admit when they are wrong.

Whenever a Leo is treated right, doted upon, rather than excessively challenged by their partner — a Leo will blossom into a separate, giving and romantic partner.


Leo Compatibility

As a Leo your ideal mate bends the knee before your majesty and won`t probe too deeply beneath those purple robes.

What actually happens is the fact if you over-inflate a pin is applied, which is a mercy but may feel devastating. You might attract partners with flair for the facts of sensible living, which is merely as well if frustrating.


Love Predictions for Leo in 2018

Love and family will be your primary concentration this year, forecasts the Leo 2018 love astrology predictions. This year is not really much about making new connections as deepening existing ones.

If you’re single, you might find a friendship blossoms into love or something more or you have a spark with a casual acquaintance. If you’re already in a romance, you will feel attracted nearer to your partner.

You’ll likely be going to make some big changes in your relationship. 2018 is a great time for you to take a romance to another level or to start out or expand your family.


You are a Leo?

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