Cancer Horoscope 2018: profile, relationships and predictions!

If you are looking the very best and more complete Cancer Horoscope 2018 for Love, find below the predictions, the profile and astrological compatibility.

Cancer is the house and family lover of the zodiac.

The break-up of individuals and the use of properties as just anywhere to live rather than places to create real homes is agonizing, and contributes to the forging of different individuals in other configurations so that the feeling to be at home can be liked.



Cancer Horoscope 2018

June 22 – July 22

Cancer Profile

Gender: Female

Grace: Water

Number of the zodiac: 4

Ruled by: Moon

Day of the week: Monday

Colours: silvery grey, opal, pale blues

Gemstones: moonstone, amber, pearls, crystal

Metal: silver, aluminium

Flowers and plants: almonds, lotus flowers, lily, iris, white roses

Tarot Cards: The Chariot

Animals: the crab

Cancer Horoscope Keywords

Sensualist, romantic, impressionable to others needs and desires, understands the humanness of situations intuitively.

Can be excellent at managing and company.

Can be shrewd and tenacious in business dealings.

Has a good memory and can be very compassionate.

Is an excellent parent when not over-protective.

Is patient and hard working.


Cancer in Love

Individuals given birth to under the sun-sign of Cancer are typically defensive people.

Often they are really hurt in early on relationships, and as men and women will put up strong walls and barriers to guard themselves.

Breakdown these walls however, and Cancers will throw themselves to their relationships with tremendous passion and feelings.

Cancer’s surprise of emotional intelligence and understanding is something of an double-edged sword in relationships.

On the one hand, Cancers are extremely good at emotional communication and empathic understanding, however, can frequently be easily damage or angered because they’re emotional “radar” is much more finely tuned.



As a Cancerian your ideal partner will be there for you when you come home, or will love the protective shield you provide.

Water naturally flows and needs to be contained if it is to be channelled constructively. You might attract lovers who provide such pots and it may feel constricting.

If you catch the attention of someone with amazing forces of rational and logical thought that will fascinate and bother you!


Love Predictions for Cancer in 2018

As 2018 is likely to be an extremely intimate calendar year for you, Cancer, love and relationships will have a renewed importance this season.

Cancer love astrology for 2018 forecasts that your thoughts are going to be at their highest point this year.

Your natural tendency towards jealousy will be particularly strong and you will be something that you’ll have to work hard to overcome.

If you’re single, then this will be a good calendar year to meet someone. If you’re within an existing relationship, this is an excellent time to strengthen that relationship.


You are a Cancer?

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