Aquarius Horoscope 2018: profile, compatibility, love predictions and more

If perhaps you are seeking the greatest and more complete Aquarius Horoscope 2018 for Love, find at this point the predictions, the profile and astrological compatibility.

Aquarius has ideas to take humanity out of its restriction to the friendly order into a much wider sense of community.


Beliefs freedom and equality, stimulating others to lay claim what it considers is their credited.



Aquarius Horoscope 2018

January 21 – February 19


Aquarius Profile

Gender:  Male

Grace:  Air

Sign type:  Fixed

Number of the Zodiac:  11

Ruled by:  Uranus

Day of the week:  not applicable

Colours:  light yellow, violet, purple, vibrant blues

Gemstones:  topaz, onyx, glass (crystal) blue quartz, sapphire, black pearls

Metal:  lead

Flowers and plants:  frankincense, aspen, olives

Tarot Cards:  the Star or (sometimes) Temperance

Animals:  peacock or sea eagle


Aquarius Horoscope Keywords

aquariushoroscope2018keywordsTolerant, unbiased, thoughtful, strong belief in humanity, loyal in camaraderie, inventive, independent, creative, target, a free thinker, great visions into the future, technology passions that benefit mankind.

Humane, patient, serene, tranquil, tolerant, analytical, truth-seeking, honest, progressive, communicative, open-minded, intuitive, resolute, concerned, thoughtful and caring.


Aquarius in Love

aquariushoroscope2018inloveAquarian unpredictability is a untamed card in virtually any relationship. Oftentimes, it is a wonderful characteristic which always maintains a marriage fresh and new.

In other situations it could be aggravating and seem insincere. Aquarians are incredibly independent people, as well as for them human relationships will require a necessary amount of “space” and time for themselves.

Crowding and restricting an Aquarian will most likely cause an Aquarian to run off searching for more freedom, space and an environment which better tolerates their unpredictable and incredibly independent nature.

But if an Aquarian sees that “just right” environment, they make wonderful, loving and very giving partners.


Aquarius Compatibility

aquariushoroscope2018compatibilityAs an Aquarius your ideal partner listens admiringly when you expound your thoughts and won’t embarrass you with tears when you retain an ice-cool distance.

You might attract a partner who’ll feel more strongly than you do, and allowing you to ultimately start and finding yourself beloved for it can do wonders for your self-esteem.


Love predictions for Aquarius in 2018

aquariushoroscope2018lovepredictionThere is definite pressure in the intimate sphere show in the horoscope aquiarius 2018 . You may have all been a very go-with-the-flow lover which year that’s not working for you.

The Aquarius love predictions for 2018 foretell that if you would like your relationship to survive, you’re going to acquire to give more yourself and help create a better emotional bond.

If you’re one, you’ll have to address how you deal with intimate entanglements or you’re going to discover that you have trouble making a meaningful interconnection.


You are a Aquarius?

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